Overwhelmed by support

Mark Daniels with pet bird Jack.        Picture: Jon Hewson    d435940
Mark Daniels with pet bird Jack.        Picture: Jon Hewson d435940

That was until last week, when a stranger offered the family a home.

It began when a work colleague at the high school he works at asked how he was going.

�I said I was good, but I wasn�t,� he said. �She said �No, you�re not; right, we�re going to do something about this.��

His friend Marie spoke to several people, who spread the word to help find a home for the family.

Before long a woman who worked up north had a rental to offer the family.

�It was awesome,� said Mark�s wife, Pamela.

�Instead of being stressed out and grumpy, we were all just smiling,� Mark said.

Having a home has proven to be more than just a roof over their head.

�It�s like freedom; you can go to the fridge when you want, or be where you want and not have to ask,� Mark said. �The fact is if it wasn�t for the members of the community who have helped us, we simply wouldn�t be here.

�Particularly my work colleague put us up for 10 days and her son gave up his bed for Pamela and I.

�People like that deserve to win the lotto.�

But it was a surprise act of kindness that really melted their frayed emotions.

Mark said they had not heard about the status of their contents insurance claim. Kerry O�Connor and the Spiritualist Church of Mandurah organised a fundraiser for the Daniels.

�We cannot thank Kerry O�Connor enough, what she�s done for us; she is a real champion,� he said.

�She kept us out of the house yesterday while she and another lady set up the house with new dinner sets, furniture, new towels and bed linen, amongst other things.�

Kerry said the look on the family�s faces was very emotional for her.

�It was beautiful after all they have been through,� she said.

�It was a joint fundraiser that we do with the church for disadvantaged kids overseas.

�I want to thank Zoila from Zoila�s Community Op Shop who donated two beds.�