Oz Day venue backflip

The venue for the 2015 event is still up in the air as councillors voted unanimously to defer the issue and obtain more information before deciding whether or not to shift to the performing arts centre.

Two weeks earlier, most councillors supported the move to the centre on the grounds the foreshore marquee was too small for the increasingly popular citizenship ceremony and the weather too hot.

Cr Jane Field suggested a community survey and citizenship ceremonies be held for groups of people rather than families and individuals.

‘I can’t support a 12-month trial without more input,” she said.

Cr Fred Riebeling said Australia Day was associated with the old traffic bridge and the waterway and would lose significance if moved elsewhere.

‘People want to become Australian citizens on the eastern foreshore,” he said.

‘Sure, it gets hot but that is what Australia is all about.

Cr Peter Jackson said the ‘buzz’ on Australia Day was tangible.

‘I would be devastated if we lost it,” he said.