Peel CCI calls for local taxi industry action plan

Peel CCI calls for local taxi industry action plan

PEEL Chamber of Commerce and Industry claims proposed taxi reforms are unfair for local operators.

A Peel CCI spokesman called for an immediate plan to protect employment, small business and the local community.

He said the local taxi industry was showing signs of being unable to sustain services due to the unfair competition since the advent of Uber.

Peel CCI president Donna Cocking said the Peel region was not a metropolitan region.

“We are a region with very limited transport services,’’ she said.

“We rely heavily on the 24/7 services of our taxi services that provide more choices and services than Uber at present.’’

A Peel CCI spokesman said from July 1, Peel operators will still be regulated on fare pricing and a 10 per cent levy will apply for the Peel Region, due to encroachment from metropolitan operators.

“Through this levy, Peel operators will be subsidising the buyback of plates as compensation for metro operators, but not entitled to the same compensation,” he said.

“How is that fair.

“Why is no other region being levied?”

‘While we understand this to be a very complex issue, we are not convinced the Government has done its best to create legislation that deals with disruptors such as Uber in regional WA.’’

But Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said proposed reforms would help create a level playing field.

She said the regions had unique operations and the aim of the reforms was to sustain the taxi industry in regional WA.

After a consultation process, the feedback was that the levy should only apply to Perth and Peel areas.

“Taxis will have exclusive access to some parts,” she said.

“But the aim is to create a level playing field to ensure everyone is facing the same fees into the future.”

Ms Saffioti said currently there was heavy regulation in some areas.

“New entrants and other parties were undermining how regional operations were happening,” she said.