Peel Health Campus in the spotlight at health forum in Mandurah today

Peel Health Campus in the spotlight at health forum in Mandurah today

THE future needs of the Peel region will be in the spotlight today when WA Health Minister Roger Cooke and the Sustainable Health Review chair Robyn Kruk host a consultation forum.

The interim report of the review highlighted the Peel as a pressure point in the health system and the round table will be part of the consultation process to help inform the review panel in its considerations for the final report.

Representatives from local government, MPs, health stakeholders, and relevant non-government organisations are among those invited to share their views on how to plan for the future health needs of the Peel.

Mr Cooke said Peel Health Campus recently received interim funding of $4.4 million from the State Government to built up the Government’s commitment to support services and provide immediate upgrades to car parking and increasing overall security and safety.

He said the investment recognised the importance the State Government placed on Peel Health Campus and the round table would be the next essential step in helping the panel look at further priorities at the hospital and the future health care needs of the Peel region.

Last week Canning MHR Andrew Hastie MLA Zak Kirkup launched a campaign with signs around Mandurah keeping a tally of how long it has been since the first Peel Health Rally back in May.

The campaign was the Liberal politicians’ way of keeping up the pressure on the State Government for action on Peel Health Campus.

Mr Hastie said each sign holder would get a set of numbers to stick on their sign for every 10 days the State Government fails to deliver.