Peel Regional Leaders Forum wants State Govt to reconsider plans for Peel Region

Peel Regional Leaders Forum wants State Govt to reconsider plans for Peel Region

THE Peel Regional Leaders Forum (PRLF) is demanding the State Government reconsider its long-term planning strategy for the Peel Region amid fears the region’s concerns towards the Perth and Peel @ 3.5million plan have not been heard.

PRLF chair and City of Mandurah Mayor Marina Vergone said the group had concerns about the Perth and Peel @3.5million plan, chiefly around adverse impacts of urban sprawl associated with significant population growth.

“We urge the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) to take the concerns of the Peel Region seriously, and allow for more detailed planning, in a collaborative and open manner, before any final decisions are made,” she said.

Under the Perth and Peel @ 3.5million framework, the South Metropolitan Peel sub-region is predicted to grow to 1.26 million people by 2050, with almost 450,000 people residing in Peel.

This represents the largest growth sector in the whole greater Perth population expansion.

“This scale of population growth for Peel could have serious implications on the ability of the road transport system to cope with increased traffic, adverse impacts on the consolidation of existing centres, and lead to the failure to address environmental and socio-economic issues – such as employment – that warrant special urgent attention,” Mrs Vergone said.

“Also, the State Government’s Perth Transport Plan for 3.5million and beyond has failed to address the future integrated public transport improvements required in the Peel sub-region, which is essential in dealing with the future population growth in terms of increased car dependency, restricted mobility and extensive traffic congestion.”

The PRLF is calling on the Government to revisit the land use and transport planning for the Peel in collaboration and consultation with its members to deliver the best outcomes for the Peel community.

A further concern raised by the PRLF is the need to address the social disadvantage for the Peel sub-region with employment figures now reaching the highest levels in decades at 10.5 per cent in Mandurah, and youth unemployment numbers in the labour force spiralling towards 30 per cent.

“These issues are of critical importance to our future community,” Mrs Vergone said.

“As a region we consider it important that we raise these matters with the WAPC prior to decisions being made, as the leaders of the Peel Region fear that we have not been heard.”

WAPC chairman Eric Lumsden said the draft Perth and Peel @ 3.5million subregional planning frameworks aimed to accommodate 3.5 million people by 2050 and offer long-term and integrated land use and infrastructure options.

“More than 1000 submissions were received following considerable public and stakeholder consultation,” he said.

“WAPC has been giving detailed and serious consideration to the matters raised in the submissions in order to be aware of the substantial complex issues associated with the Peel area.

“The Peel Regional Leaders Forum input has been valuable in this regard.

“Further consideration will be given to matters raised during finalisation of the frameworks.”