Pensioner charged over problem Pomeranian

A PENSIONER�S Pomeranian cross landed him in trouble in Mandurah Magistrates Court today.

Rangers attended Larry John Haynes� home in North Dandalup on April 20 this year.

They came in full uniform to chat to Haynes about his allegedly aggressive dog.

The police prosecutor told the court that Haynes told the rangers to f**k off and then stuck one of them on the shoulder.

Haynes pleaded guilty to assaulting a public officer.

When Haynes stood up to defend himself, Magistrate Vivien Edwards invited him to sit as he used a cane.

Haynes told the court his Pomeranian cross is smaller than most cats.

�I said f**k off to the suggestion my dog was aggressive, I was not telling the rangers to f**k off,� he said.

�There�s no way my dog was acting in a vicious manner.�

Haynes told the court he has various hip and back injuries, and hadn�t taken his pain medication by the time rangers showed up.

�When I struck the ranger in the shoulder, I was fully intending to pull myself up,� he said.

�After that I sat down again.

�I wanted to phone them and apologise the next day but I didn�t know what Shire they were from.�

Haynes received a $500 fine and $150.80 in costs.