Mistreated Dogs Need New Homes

Pringle and Perry
Pringle and Perry

PERRY is a male Rottweiler cross who came to K9 in a horrible condition.

He was infested with fleas and had sore ears and a bad eye infection.

Perry is now getting the veterinary treatment needed to make a recovery.

Despite being sore, he was not reactive to being touched around his face and ears.

He is nice natured and is in want of care.

Perry does need help with separation anxiety, because he loves people despite his neglect.

Behaviourist Garth Jennens will work with Perry’s new owners if needed.

Perry has been in the kennels since June 15.

Pringle is a male staffy born in July, 2012.

When Pringle first arrived at K9, he was scared.

He was wary of men and would cower on the floor of his small kennel and shiver.

K9 volunteers fear Pringle had been badly beaten.

But despite his background, Pringle has learnt to trust people again.

When he gets to know people, he greets them with a wagging tail and a happy face.

Although Pringle likes to play tug-of-war, if you throw a ball he runs away because he thinks it is being thrown at him.

Call K9 on 9581 9005 if you would like to adopt one of these dogs.