Pet python found in Halls Head

Pet python found in Halls Head

MANDURAH Snake Removal staff are looking for the owner of this South West Carpet Python.

Snake remover Adam Brice said the snake was collected from the Halls Head Small Animal Clinic after it was dropped off in a sack by a resident on Bookleaf Loop, Halls Head. The snake was caught in their yard.

“Due to the location (being in heavy residential area) and the general demeanor of the snake (it is very docile, easily handled, not defensive, used to hides and heat mats) we deemed it most likely an escaped pet,” Mr Brice said.

“The head has a distinctive pale colouration on the top (dorsal edge) of the head.



“The owner can contact us with proof of ownership (as all reptiles are subject to specific licensing requirements to keep) as well as any pictures they may have of their pet.”

Mr Brice said the Department of Biodiversity and Conservation and Attractions had been contacted. If the owner cannot be found the python will be re-homed.

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