Pinjarra drivers a danger to wildlife

PINJARRA drivers are the fifth most likely in the State to collide with wayward wildlife, according to national motor insurer AAMI.

According to AAMI, animal collisions on Australian roads increase by 30 per cent in the winter months.

Their analysis of less than 19,000 animal collision claims for 2014 shows the claims rise in May, with the peak danger period between June and August.

In WA, there were 1050 animal-related crash claims in 2014. Pinjarra was the fifth most likely region for these crashes to occur.

The insurer encourages drivers to remain alert and slow down on country roads.

This gives the driver more time to react when they see an animal. Dawn, dusk and night time are the most common times to encounter animals on the road.

Mandurah was the third most likely in the State for drivers to hit a stationary object, according to the insurer.

They said 88 claims came out of Mandurah for this type of accident during 2014.