Pinjarra pair convicted for dog-related offences

TWO men were convicted in their absence in Mandurah Magistrates Court on Tuesday for dog-related offences.

Daniel Dale Cougan of Pinjarra sent in an endorsed plea of guilty to having control of a dog that caused injury to an animal and allowing a dog to be in a public place without a leash. The court heard Cougan’s dog Grommet, a white bull terrier, escaped from his front yard and attacked a shih-tzu, called Beau, being walked at the time by his pensioner owner.

Cougan ran out when he saw Grommet attacking Beau and tried to get his dog under control.

Beau’s owner kicked Grommet, which made him stop attacking momentarily and allowed Cougan to get him under control and tied up.

The magistrate ordered Cougan to pay $1090 for Beau’s veterinary bill and a $2000 fine.

Thomas Heise was also convicted in his absence of being liable for a dog that attacked a person.

The court heard that Teresa Johnson was in Pinjarra at 12.30pm on July 12 when she leaned down to check a water meter. She heard a dog growl behind her, later identified as a brindle and white Staffordshire terrier cross called Bobby, which belonged to Heise.

Ms Johnson screamed for nearby trade workers to help her and Bobby bit her on the leg behind the knee.

She and the trade workers reported the incident to rangers.

Heise was fined $1500.