Police go to bat for Mandurah man who abused them following a speeding incident

A 20-year-old man had police defend him in court today after he was arrested for abusing them last month.

Jayden Timothy Brown pleaded guilty on Friday (March 31) to obstructing public officers on February 21.

Police prosecutor Mick Fallows told the court Brown was a passenger in his girlfriend’s car at 6.40pm when police pulled her over for speeding.

Brown who was described as “intoxicated and belligerent” began asking officers how the ticket would be issued.

The officers told him to move away, so he swore at them in a loud voice.

He refused to listen to police and continued to be abusive, which caused the other people with him to become hostile.

When the officers got into their car, Brown pulled his middle finger at them and swore.

He went and stood in front of the car to stop them from leaving.

When they drove around him, he banged the back of the car with his hand.

Police arrested Brown and took him back to Mandurah Police Station.

Magistrate Joe Cicchini asked Brown why he pulled the fingers on both hands at coppers.

“He was smiling away sarcastically as he drove off,” Brown said.

Magistrate Cicchini said he was considering a spent conviction as it was Brown’s first criminal offence.

However, Brown would need to produce character references and talk to the duty lawyer.

Sergeant Fallows interjected on Brown’s behalf and said he wouldn’t object to a spent conviction.

“He’s a young person, looking for employment,” he said.

“Without it he could cause him difficulties.”

Magistrate Cicchini said he’s been on the bench a long time and seen people go to prison for a lot less.

“Police are entitled to carry out their duties without being sworn at or having fingers pulled at them,” he said.

“You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.”

Brown was fined $700 and ordered to pay costs.