Police rescue man lost at Lake Clifton

Ashley Hobby walked about 30km before he was found.
Ashley Hobby walked about 30km before he was found.

Dressed in just jeans and a T-shirt, Mr Hobby walked about 30km in cold temperatures until he was found just after midnight on Friday.

Mr Hobby, from Armadale, had been visiting his son in Preston Beach. He did not have a driver’s licence and had planned to walk to Old Coast Road to hitch a ride into town. From Mandurah he was going to catch a train back to Armadale.

After leaving Preston Beach Road on Thursday morning, Mr Hobby realised he was lost after walking 15km. His mobile phone did not have any reception.

Mr Hobby said he had to swim across a pond at one point. He admits to suffering an anxiety attack.

Finally, about 6.40pm Mr Hobby received a phone signal and called police. He said four patrol cars searched for him and had the sirens and flashing lights activated.

Mr Hobby was able to establish some landmarks and police found him at 12.10am. He was taken to Peel Health Campus for treatment on a sprained ankle and a check-up.

Mr Hobby advised people walking in the bush to always take a mobile phone and to check if there was a signal.

‘I want to thank the police for helping me,’ he said.