Police to boost presence in ‘crime hotspot’ Greenfields

Police to boost presence in ‘crime hotspot’ Greenfields

GREENFIELDS residents will see an increased police presence on their streets this week after the suburb was identified as a “crime hotspot”.

Mandurah officer in charge Senior Sergeant Stephen Thompson said daily monitoring of crime statistics revealed that Greenfields was experiencing a rise in burglaries.

“There’s police everywhere at the moment,” he said.

“We monitor crime statistics on daily basis and Greenfields has come up as a little hotspot,” he said.

Sgt Thompson said some burglaries occurred during the day and through unlocked doors and windows.

He encouraged residents to ensure their homes were secured.

However, cruder methods have been employed during other burglaries, with offenders gaining entry through brick breaking.

Forensic officers will be employed to investigate cases.

Sgt Thompson said it was difficult to say if the same offender had committed the burglaries.

Greenfields residents have responded to the burglaries as well.

They created a Greenfields Neighbourhood Watch page on Facebook.

One resident captured images of people she claimed stole a wallet from a car.

Other residents have submitted reports of houses being trashed and hoon drivers.

Burglary statistics for Greenfields in 2016 via WA Police

October -13       

September – 14       

August – 8       

July – 9       

June – 17       

May – 5       

April – 5       

March – 9       

February – 10

January – 10