Rally leads to rethink

Jay Poland and David Christison at the front of the site.
Jay Poland and David Christison at the front of the site.

The community has a further 14 days in which to comment on the tavern near The Lido swimming beach.

The development application for the tavern was re-lodged after the previous approval expired last September.

About 80 people recently rallied against the proposed tavern.

However, the proponents, who were there, said there were fewer than half that number at the rally.

Organiser Ray Warren said he and his wife Patricia distributed more than 3000 leaflets encouraging people to protest but were disappointed with the turnout.

‘Most people we spoke to think it will be in a terrible place and most did not know about it,’ Mr Warren said.

He cited a lack of parking, a loss of amenity and proximity to a children’s beach as reasons many residents opposed the tavern.

But Strzelecki Holdings consultant David Christison said the tavern would be family-friendly, upmarket and patronised mostly by locals, so parking would not be an issue.

The decking would be enclosed and the managers would abide by the City of Mandurah’s strict limits, such as restrictions to music and closing hours.

‘Strzelecki Holdings have 25 short-stay apartments above the venue, so they are not going to jeopardise those clients,’ he said.

Mr Christison said public consultation exceeded what was required before the tavern was approved.

‘The consultation included a door knock and/or letterbox drop within 350m of the venue,’ he said.

Managing director Jay Poland said if all went to plan, the Oceanic Bar and Grill would be open in three to six months.

The tavern is planned for a tourist/commercial zone in accordance with the Mandurah Ocean Marina Outline Development Plan.

Acting chief executive Tony Free said the new development application could have been approved via delegated authority without further community consultation but due to community interest, the plans would go back through the public advertising process.

‘We are prepared to go beyond what the council is legally required to do to allow people to comment on the plans and further understand their concerns,” he said.

The community feedback will be included in a report to be presented to a council meeting.

Mr Free said the council was seeking the best outcome for all.