Registration cloud over six charities

The ACNC has sent out notices indicating an intention to revoke registration. The charities have 28 days from July 7 to contact the commission and provide reasons why the status should not be revoked.

The local charities were automatically registered when the ACNC commenced operation in 2012. Registration was based on information provided by the Australian Taxation Office.

The ACNC has had no contact from the charities and has been unable to locate or contact the charities. The ACNC intends to revoke the registration of the listed charities on the basis that they are no longer operating.

The organisations are: Arts Culture Peel Incorporated, Australian Youth Events Incorporated, Friends of The Margaret Harris Day Care Centre, Fur and Feathers Wildlife Rescue and Release Inc, Here’s Hope Inc, Mandurah Youth Commitment, Port Bouvard Surf Sports and Lifesaving Club.