Road rage terror tale

Cody (14) and Linda in the damaged car.
Cody (14) and Linda in the damaged car.

She did not want her surname published after the incident, which she described as the most horrifying thing she has experienced in her 52-years.

Linda said her 14-year-old daughter and 10-year-old grand-daughter were frightened during the ordeal.

‘I was taking my daughter and grand-daughter to the Baldivis Children’s Forrest on Wednesday and was going about 65km in an 80km zone on Old Mandurah Road,’ she said.

‘I was going slower because I did not want to miss the turnoff.’

She said a green truck behind could have overtaken, but the driver honked his horn for about five minutes.

Linda was scared on the deserted road, especially when the driver pulled in front of her, causing her to brake.

‘He got out of the truck, ran towards us and smashed our side rear window with a tyre jack,’ she said.

‘One of the children was covered with glass.

‘I managed to pull around the truck. I didn’t get a number plate or anything, I just wanted to get out of there alive.’

Linda said she was not insured.

‘Christmas and birthdays are cancelled for us because of the cost needed to repair the car,’ she said.