Royal Aero Club of Murrayfield youngster has Recreation Pilot Licence in sights for 16th birthday

Sam Mercer achieved his first solo flight at the Royal Aero Club at Murrayfield.
Sam Mercer achieved his first solo flight at the Royal Aero Club at Murrayfield.

SAM Mercer achieved his first solo flight shortly after his 15th birthday.

When he turns 16 on Wednesday , he hopes to achieve his Recreation Pilot Licence.

Sam and his dad have been learning to fly at the same time, to have a hobby and interest they could share and experience together.

Not only have they both achieved what many others only dream of, they now have a real pathway for Sam’s future career.

Sam’s dad Tony used to work for an airline as an engineer so Sam has been around aviation since he was born.

For the last three years, he has also been an air cadet with the chance of experiencing some flying lessons and since then, has been hooked on the sheer thrill and freedom that flying brings.

Tony has been enjoying seeing the responsibility, maturity and personal development in his son that being a pilot brings.

Sam and Tony visited their local flying school, the Royal Aero Club at Murrayfield, after hearing about its reputation for high quality training.

They liked the instructors’ approach in explaining the learning to fly process and signed up to start their flying journey together.

Next year, Sam hopes to achieve his Private Pilot’s Licence on his 17th birthday so he and his father can explore the WA coastline together.

Sam hopes that if all goes to plan, he will start his Commercial Pilots Training during his university studies the following year, ensuring the building blocks are set for a professional career as a pilot.

Meanwhile, Sam has a long list of friends wanting to be taken up on local scenic flights in the training over Mandurah in the school holidays.

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