Scam warning: do not buy goods from the back of vans

Numerous reports have been received of people being approached at the metropolitan shopping centres and a car park in Mandurah.

People were also approached while stopped at traffic lights in Rockingham.

All were offered whitegoods or home entertainment equipment. One consumer reported handing over $1200 to two men in a white van.

Acting Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said people should refuse to deal with these travelling conmen who were breaking consumer laws.

“Back-of-van salespeople often sell inferior and sometimes counterfeit products at a high price, convincing their targets that they are getting a genuine bargain. Instead, consumers are paying far too much for goods that are generally low in quality and may not comply with Australian safety standards,” he said.

“Consumers have no chance of a remedy if the goods are faulty and are unable to make a warranty claim as the conmen are impossible to track down after the sale is made. It’s common for them to give out business cards with fake names and phone numbers.

“The travelling conmen are also breaking consumer laws which require a 10-day cooling off period for unsolicited sales.

“We urge all consumers when approached by these back-of-van conmen to refuse to deal with them – it’s the only way to drive them out of business.

“Just remember that a too good to be true offer of an expensive item at a bargain price is just that – too good to be true.”