School Packs Project aims to provide more than 500 stationery packs to children in refuges

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BRINGING strangers together to help some of the most vulnerable people in the community, sending them to their local libraries and providing essential items to kids who need a helping hand during difficult times

That’s the aim of the School Packs project, which provides more than 500 school stationery packs for children forced to live in WA family refuges, often after fleeing violent homes.

Co-ordinator Fiona McMullen said the program also reduced some of the pressure and guilt experienced by mothers in the refuge and allowed teachers to focus on teaching.

“The whole community benefits when all children are receiving an education,’’ she said.

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Stationery is being collected from the public throughout September and there are donation boxes in public libraries, including Mandurah, Lakelands and Falcon.

The Pat Thomas Refuge in Mandurah will be a recipient of many of the packs.

A retirement village in Lakelands has already half filled a donation box with items.

At the end of the month, community members will sort, count and pack donated stationery into packs that are then distributed to refuges in Perth and country WA.

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