Seascapes residents divided by plans for Frederick Irwin Aglican School fence

Lesley King (second from the right) and some of the unhappy residents.
Lesley King (second from the right) and some of the unhappy residents.

RESIDENTS in Seascapes living opposite the green and leafy grounds of Living Waters Lutheran College, now the Halls Head campus of Frederick Irwin Anglican School, are upset a high fence may soon be built around the school for security reasons.

More importantly, they are concerned the school neither consulted nor communicated with them about the fence they feel will spoil the area.

Resident Lesley King said Seascapes had a village community feel with neighbours who looked after each other and it was distressing to feel Frederick Irwin did not care about the people who lived around the school.

“It’s not so much the fence, it’s the location and the fact the school made no attempt to get to know us and share their plans for the school with us,’’ Mrs King said.

“It just seems that Frederick Irwin can come into our neighbourhood and change things, potentially not for the better, and nobody cares.

“The school clearly needs security but why fortify it with a high perimeter fence when there are alternatives?

“Why don’t they share their visions with us and we can share our concerns with them?”

A school spokesman said the school could not comment until the start of the new term.

In a letter to one of the residents, school principal Kerry Robertson said the fence was consistent with the type installed across Anglican Schools Commission schools.

The fence was for the safety of students as well as protection of the property.

“With no school boundaries shared with neighbours, it is not a matter about which Frederick Irwin Anglican School nor the ASC consult,’’ she said in the letter. “The fence will be fully compliant with all regulations.”

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