Seeds given away as part of plans to restore the health of Lake Clifton

Volunteers at the Lake Clifton seed giveaway.
Volunteers at the Lake Clifton seed giveaway.

MORE than 100 people turned out to collect seedlings, eat pancakes and share a yarn with their neighbours when Peel-Harvey Catchment Council hosted a planting demonstration at Lake Clifton Herron Community Hall.

The health of the thrombolites in Lake Clifton is under threat with the salinity of the lake increasing.

The seedling giveaway was just one of many steps towards trying to improve the health of the area.

Residents were joined by Peel-Harvey Catchment Centre board member Paddi Creevey, staff, volunteers and Jenny Rose from the Lake Clifton Herron Landcare Group.

About 1700 seedlings with tree guards were given away and local business owner Wayne Goring from Arboreal Tree Care provided 40 landowners with a free load of mulch.

Peel Harvey Catchment Centre chief executive Jane O’Malley said the big attendance reflected widespread interest in protecting the environment and people’s willingness to act now for future generations.

“By re-connecting with the community and distributing seedlings, we hope to share the message of the importance of protecting not only the thrombolites but the surrounding landscape as well,’’ she said.

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