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THE controversial cycle lane delineators on trial on McLarty Road, Halls Head are history.

Mandurah Over 55 Cycling Club members recently kicked up a fuss after one of their members collided with a delineator and sustained bad bruising.

At yesterday�s full meeting of Mandurah City Council, Councillor Dave Schumacher put a notice of motion that the solid rubber delineators separating the cycle way from traffic be removed immediately.

He also asked that a report on other options for addressing cycling safety be presented to the council.

Cr Schumacher said the delineators were a hazard to all road users and put them at risk of having an accident, causing serious injury or death.

�I know we need to protect cyclists but not with something that could seriously injure them,�� he said.

�McLarty Road is a 60kmh zone and if someone on a motor cycle was forced to take evasive action and hit a delineator, they would be badly or even fatally injured.�

City works and services director Allan Claydon said the delineators were used successfully in many countries and the council had hoped to learn from the trial.

�There are many variations on what could be used on that site,�� he said.

The delineators will be removed and possibly used for traffic control in car parks.