South West fire: looting claims

Photo courtesy of Frazer Hull
Photo courtesy of Frazer Hull

WAROONA residents are worried about their property with reports that looters are targeting homes.

At a community meeting in Pinjarra this afternoon, angry Waroona residents demanded to know what police are doing to protect their property.

Senior Sergeant Glen Willers told them that they would not risk police for property.

He told residents to report any property losses to police on 131 444 when they go back into town.

A resident said young people are riding around on dirt bikes and asked why they had not been removed.

She implied that these people deliberately stayed behind to take advantage of the empty town.

“I can’t imagine someone staying behind to take advantage of the situation,” Snr Sgt Willers said.

“We won’t put our police in danger, our biggest issue is officer safety.”

Jade Prosser said her mum called her and said kids on bikes were riding through town targeting empty homes.

“We are small town, we don’t need it,” she said.

“May they get back what you’ve done.”

Kelly Norris has fears for her store on South Western Highway.

“I left the back door open and I’m worried about my stock,” she said.

“If someone’s looted my shop, I’ll break down.

“I lost stock in the last fire.”