South West fires: almost 100 homes lost in Yarloop

Kath King arrives to the Pinjarra evacuation centre.
Kath King arrives to the Pinjarra evacuation centre.

IT is believed about 95 homes have been lost in Yarloop overnight due to the bushfire that continues to rage out of control.

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More than 100 people and 30 fire-fighters are still stuck in Yarloop, WA Fire Commissioner Wayne Gregson told residents at a community meeting in Pinjarra.

They will be brought out of the area when a safe route has been identified.

The three Yarloop residents thought to be missing have been located safe and well.

An angry Yarloop resident said he had spoken to fire fighters in Yarloop.

He claimed they were frustrated as there was no water and they could not fill up their trucks.

Kath King left her husband John behind with their Blue Heelers, Missy and Matilda, to protect their home.

They lost their home to the fire that tore through Yarloop overnight.

Mrs King left with her cat, the clothes on her back and saw her husband for the first time today.

At some point during the night the dogs went missing.

“He had to walk up to (Skipworth) winery,” Mrs King said.

“The winery owner brought him back the next day and the two dogs were sitting in the front yard unharmed.”

She said they moved to Yarloop for peace and quiet during their retirement.

Almost 100 homes, historic buildings, the fire station and part of the school have been lost.

A DFES spokeswoman said a convoy would be sent in to collect stranded Yarloop residents.

The only way out for them is to go north.

People who do not have friends or family will be evacuated to the Pinjarra Recreation Centre.

Residents will be notified when property losses are confirmed.