State Government launches mycouncil website today

RATEPAYERS in Perth will be able to compare other council’s finances to their own local government now that the State Government has launched the MyCouncil website.

MyCouncil, launched today provides a snapshot of every local government in WA, allowing the public to make comparisons of data over time and between councils.

It comes at a crucial time of the year, as Councils release budgets and of course, residential rates.

The website will allow residents to compare the services they receive with other councils, and help them to determine if they are getting value for money.

Local government minister Tony Simpson said the website was another step forward in guaranteeing the transparency of local government.

“This website builds on the State Government’s commitment to strengthen accountability throughout the sector and ensure all West Australians benefit from high-performing councils,” he said.

“We want local governments to be open and transparent when it comes to spending ratepayers’ money.”

Mr Simpson said the site would make finances more accessible and more easily understood.

“The website presents financial data visually, making it easier to interpret and make assessments about council performance and improve awareness of each local government’s financial health,” he said.

“Comparisons with other councils will enable local governments to identify areas for continuous improvement.

“For the first time, ratepayers and residents will be able to access detailed information on the way their council operates with the click of a button.”

You can visit the MyCouncil website at MyCouncil.