Status quo remains

Labor’s Gary Gray, re-elected to Brand, celebrates with his supporters.
Labor’s Gary Gray, re-elected to Brand, celebrates with his supporters.

The battle for Brand was won convincingly by Labor member Gary Gray, despite predictions of a very tight race against Liberal contender Donna Gordin.

In the Canning electorate, Liberal candidate Don Randall received one of the highest swings in the nation. He picked up 36,484 votes, while Labor candidate Joanne Carol Dean received 22,593 (two candidate preferred). There was a 9.57 per cent swing towards Mr Randall.

Mr Gray received almost 36,000 votes, while Ms Gordin gained 32,231 (two candidate preferred). There was a 0.58 per cent swing towards the Liberal party.

The Palmer United Party was a strong performer in Brand with a 7.64 per cent swing (in first preferences). The Greens lost ground with a 7.57 per cent swing away from the party.

Mr Gray said people had put their trust in him and he took that very seriously.

‘I will work as hard as I can to fight for this area’s interests in Canberra,’ he said.

‘Despite Labor losing Government, I look forward to representing the community of Mandurah, Rockingham and Kwinana and making sure the Abbott government fulfils the promises it has made to local people.

‘During the election campaign, the Liberals matched Labor’s promise to provide $10 million to redevelop the Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre and I will make sure Mr Abbott delivers on this promise.’

Mr Gray said work was underway to build Labor’s NBN to 25,500 local homes and businesses, with more than 2000 already able to connect and many more to be completed next month.

‘I will be fighting to make sure the Abbott Government honours those construction contracts,’ he said. ‘Unfortunately, Mr Abbott has said that the other 65,500 local homes and businesses in this electorate will have to pay up to $5000 to have fibre connected to their premises, or rely on old copper to connect them to broadband.’

‘I am so pleased we can now return a decent and honourable government back to the benches in Canberra,’ he said. ‘All Australians will benefit.’

Mr Randall said he was grateful to the electors of Canning and the impressive swing he received.

‘Every polling booth in Canning was won except one ” but even this booth had an 11 per cent swing in our favour,’ he said.

‘I will honour my commitments to the electorate, including $10 million for the aquatic centre.

In Canning the Palmer United Party also did well 7.65 per cent of the vote (first preferences) and the Australian Christians won 3.58 per cent of the vote.