Stolen lawn bowls sold on Gumtree land two people in Mandurah court

TWO people copped hefty fines in Mandurah Magistrates court today after a man stole four lawn bowls and equipment worth $595 from Dudley Park.

Joshua Ngatai pleaded guilty to stealing four bowls, a tape measure and a metal pick-up-stick.

His partner Casey Culbertson, knowing he had stolen the lawn bowls, decided to sell them for $250 on Gumtree.

Culbertson pleaded guilty to knowingly receiving stolen goods.

On October 9 at 9.30pm, Ngatai stole four lawn bowls and equipment that was sitting on the verge of a car park in Dudley Park Bowling Club.

Ngatai then took them home to his wife, Culbertson, and knowing they were stolen she advertised them on Gumtree and sold them for $250.

A man purchased the bowls, not knowing they were stolen, and the items have since been retrieved by police.

“It was the owner’s fault for leaving the lawn bowls on the footpath,” Ngatai said.

Magistrate Anne Longden said they were not his for the taking and fined him $900 and he must pay $376 compensation.

Culbertson, who is currently on Centrelink, was fined $500.

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