Straight shooter

Margetic is a straight man campaigning for samesex marraige. Picture: Jon Hewson d410463
Margetic is a straight man campaigning for samesex marraige. Picture: Jon Hewson d410463

But after contacting Canning MHR Don Randall, Halls Head resident Nick Margetic decided to enter the debate by creating an online petition to show that people in the Canning electorate support same-sex marriage.

‘I contacted my local Member of Parliament, Mr Randall, to express my support in the fight for marriage equality,’ he said. ‘I received an email back explaining that his perception is that the majority of his electorate is against reforms to the marriage act.’

Mr Margetic said he would like to show Mr Randall that his electorate is in favour of marriage equality.

‘I believe that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry because denying them this right is suggesting they belong to a second class of citizen.

‘Their love and relationships are just as legitimate as any heterosexual couple and they should be acknowledged in the same ways.’

Mr Randall said his views on same sex marriage remain unchanged. ‘To truly determine if a majority support is present for same sex marriage in the Canning electorate, it could only be conducted through an extensive, registered survey or referendum rather than media-based campaigns,’ he said.

Mr Margetic believes politicians who oppose a change to the marriage act are representing their constituents based on outdated polling and feedback.

‘This movement has gained massive momentum and support over the past few years with the latest polls suggesting upwards of 60 per cent of Australians are now in support of (same sex marriage),’ he said.

‘The opinions of many Australians have already changed and its time for our politicians to notice and follow suit.

‘I believe it is only a small minority that legitimately oppose same-sex marriage, unfortunately I do think there is a large number of Australians who do not oppose this, but just don’t see it as their issue to fight for.

‘My hope is that these people will start showing their support for this cause rather than sitting on the sidelines.’