Study into stormwater run-off to supply non-drinkable water to Nambeelup

THE Federal Government has announced $702,000 funding to fast-track a feasibility study into harvesting stormwater run-off to supply non-drinkable water for industry use to the Peel Business Park in Nambeelup.

Canning MHR Andrew Hastie said the study would make a feasibility assessment of the infrastructure needed to harvest drainage and storm water run-off for managed recharge of the Cattamarra Aquifer, to put the otherwise wasted water to productive use for industry in the Peel Business Park.

“This work is closely aligned with the recently announced State Government and Peel Development Commission initiative, Transform Peel, which includes work to identify fit for purpose water options to support local growth,’’ he said. ”Such a supply could also have the potential to support farming and food production in the region.”