Susanne to pound footpath at Mandurah Walk to Remember next month

Susanne Godden and her father Jozef.
Susanne Godden and her father Jozef.

FALCON resident Susanne Godden will be pounding the footpath at Town Beach with her husband Stewart to raise much-needed funds and awareness for dementia.

The couple will take part in the Mandurah Walk to Remember on Sunday, October 7.

Dementia took the life of her nature-loving father Jozef Rinkens, who had a passion for collecting seashells.

Ms Godden said her father’s long-time aversion to visiting the doctor made it next to impossible to get a diagnosis.

“When Dad started to have symptoms of dementia, it was the little things that were barely noticeable like wearing his thongs on the wrong feet,’’ she said.

“Then he lost interest in his business; he could still talk very coherently so we presumed his inactivity was caused by depression.

“But by the time we realised it was something more than depression, it was extremely difficult to get Dad to the doctor to get any diagnosis.”

Ms Godden said a late diagnosis meant the family did not get to benefit from services that could have helped her father and his family for so many years

“Mum looked after Dad for six years until she died of cancer,’’ Ms Godden said.

“We took over being Dad’s full time carer for about six months but by that time he needed round-the-clock care and was placed in a nursing home.

“We are doing the Mandurah Walk to Remember to let people know the importance of getting a diagnosis and knowing once you have it, there is tremendous support for you and your family through Alzheimers WA.”

Funds raised will be used for much-needed support services, education and research.

The 3km Mandurah Walk to Remember starts at 9am at Dolphin Quay car park and follows the pathway around Town Beach.

Registration is at 8.30am.