Taxis on top of their game

The review was undertaken by senior Department of Transport managers.

For the first time, consideration was also given to the taxi job dispatch data collected. Mandurah Taxis uses the latest dispatch equipment (MT Data) in all vehicles. This system assists in efficiently allocating jobs, GPS tracking of all vehicles and the ability for operators to easily contact drivers.

The analysis of the dispatch data showed Mandurah Taxis had consistently met demand for taxi jobs over the past two years.

For the June 2013 quarter 98 per cent of jobs were picked up within 15 minutes during non-peak times and during peak times 97.6 per cent were picked up within 15 minutes.

This compared favourably with the Metropolitan service standards for the same quarter which were at 98.33 per cent for non peak and 96.33 per cent for peak times.

Service standards improved slightly from 2012 to 2013.

The Department of Transport continues to closely monitor service standards to ensure the best possible taxi service is provided.

The review also consisted of contacting frequent taxi users including MPT (wheelchair access) passengers and local businesses. The majority of feedback was positive with a few areas where Mandurah Taxis could improve.

Mandurah Taxis has been operating since 1959 and now has 41 vehicles, including nine MPT/ wheelchair access vehicles.