Peel to be trial region for the Regional Employment Trials Program

RDA Peel chairman John Erren and employment facilitator Maryanne Baker.
RDA Peel chairman John Erren and employment facilitator Maryanne Baker.

THE Peel Region will be one of the 10 trial regions for the Regional Employment Trials Program, an $18.4 million scheme designed to support local networks to promote employment in regional areas.

Peel chair John Erren said he was delighted that the region’s issues were being heard and responded to by the Federal Government.

“This is a real opportunity at the local and regional level to develop positive employment outcomes across the Peel,’’ he said.

“The ability to access funding to support employment-related initiatives is very much needed.’’

The trials will inform the delivery of future employment services and help unemployed people in the Peel region to better access localised employment services and economic growth opportunities.

As part of the program, there will be a$1 million per region grant program to help stimulate communities to deliver tailored employment solutions at a local level.

Mandurah and Murray Employment Facilitator Maryanne Baker said it was a great opportunity to make a difference to job seekers in the region with locally developed and targeted solutions.

“It will help us utilise the capacity and capability of the region’s work force,’’ she said.

Ms Baker will work with Regional Development Australia Peel Committee to generate projects, connect with local stakeholders and promote economic opportunities as they arise.

The Regional Employment Trials Program stars on October 1.