The word’s out about helpful

Gino the hearing dog will be a big help for Sharlene.
Gino the hearing dog will be a big help for Sharlene.

Lions Hearing Dog Gino will be the 509th hearing dog to be delivered at no cost to a deaf or hearing-impaired person and is sponsored by the Lions Club of Greenfields.

Gino’s trainer Mary Knight will give a talk and answer questions at a morning tea hosted by Greenfields Lions Club in Mandurah this week.

Gino and his new owner will also be there.

Lions Hearing Dogs have the same access rights to all public places as guide dogs and are identified by a bright orange collar and lead.

Nearly all hearing dogs come from the RSPCA dog pound or the Animal Welfare Shelter and are aged between eight and 24 months.

They are trained to react to normal household sounds such as a ringing telephone, smoke alarms, door bells and knocks, mobile phone message alerts or a crying baby.

The dog is trained to go to the sound source and return to its owner, making physical contact until the owner follows it to the sound source.

The lives of many owners have been saved by hearing dogs.