Time to freshen up on fish rules, gear

The season opens today (Wednesday) and closes on February 5.

South West Bioregions manager Tim Nicholas said fishers should ensure they had a marron licence and should brush up on the rules, including allowable fishing gear and other information, by downloading the Recreational fishing for marron guide 2014 from the department’s website at www.fish. wa.gov.au, or by collecting a copy from Department of Fisheries offices or information outlets.

He said fishers should be aware that water supply dams were generally closed to fishing and that gear restrictions applied at major public dams.

‘Major public dams are ‘snare only’ fishing areas for example, so the use of drop and scoop nets is not permitted,” he said.

‘We also need marron fishers to be mindful of the potential for bushfires and to pay special attention to fire ban rules that apply in the area they are fishing or camping.’

Licences are only available from the department website.