Tyre slasher damaged seven cars with knives before caught

A MAN who went on a tyre slashing spree outside Players Bar will have to pay $1400 in compensation to the car owners.

Eddie Creanor Guagnin pleaded guilty to seven counts of damaging property, carrying an article with intent to cause fear and common assault.

The police prosecutor said Guagnin entered Players Bar on March 15 at 1am “in a rage” with three knives strapped to his waist.

He went up to a woman and poked her in the side with his finger.

When she turned around he attempted to punch her several times, before connecting with her face under the eye.

Players Bar staff members interrupted the assault and removed Guagnin from the premises.

He left the bar in an agitated state around 1.40am.

Guagnin slashed a tyre each on seven different cars.

His lawyer told the court that Guagnin found the whole situation deeply unpleasant.

Guagnin was put on a 12 month community based order, an order of destruction was issued for the knives and each car owner will receive $200 in reparation for the slashed tyres.