Urinators fined for behaviour

Russell Kane Dyer had been sleeping in the under croft near Liquorland on Sholl Street on May 27. At 7.15am, he walked out on to the loading dock and urinated.

Police were called and the court heard they could smell urine when they arrived.

Dyer admitted to police that he urinated on the loading dock.

He was found guilty in his absence and he was fined $600 and was ordered to pay court costs of $150.80.

Robert James Haake did not appear in court either. The court heard that he was observed urinating in the Woolworths undercover public car park on May 23.

He was fined $500 and ordered to pay costs of $150.80.

Dean Joseph Rakich was given a move on notice on May 30 at 12.45am. He was located within 50 metres of Smart Street mall that night and was observed urinating on a sign.

Rakich wrote a letter of apology to the police for his behaviour. In his absence he was found guilty and for failing to obey an order given by an officer and disorderly behaviour in public, he was fined $1000 and ordered to pay $150.80 in costs.

Bobby Nicholas Kolk was in Smart Street Mall on May 6 when he was caught urinating on The Crystal Dolphin�s shop window.

He did not appear in court on June 12 and was fined $600 in his absence and ordered to pay costs of $150.80.

On June 23, the court heard Lewis Ben Wood was standing in the front of his Peel Street property, by the rear left wheel of his car at 8.18pm on Friday, May 29.

He was observed by officers urinating on the car.

The police pulled up and saw him shaking himself off.

He did not appear in court and was fined $700, with $150.80 in costs.

On the same day in court, Justin Bernard Mulligan was also fined $700 and $150.80 in costs after he was caught urinating in Smart Street Mall in May.

He was also fined in his absence.

Public urination in itself is not a crime. These men were charged with disorderly behaviour in public.

This includes using insulting, threatening or offensive language and behaving in an insulting, threatening or offensive manner.

The maximum penalty is $6000.