Wear boardies to make beaches safer

Jamie Olivier (Correct)
Jamie Olivier (Correct)

‘I feel that it is very important for me to get into my boardies on Boardies Day in order to help, not only promote, but to also help bring awareness to surf lifesaving and its members and what we all do on the beach for the communities,’ Mr Olivier said.

‘I feel as though people will always feel safer going to a beach that is patrolled by surf lifesavers on a regular basis rather than a beach that is not.

‘It makes people feel safe to know that we are there should anything go wrong.

‘But none of this would be possible without donations.’

Funds from Boardies Day go to raise money for much needed equipment for surf clubs in Australia. Boardies Day also plays a major role in helping to promote surf lifesaving to the wider community.

‘A lot of work that goes into being a surf lifesaver behind the scenes,’ Mr Olivier said.