Woman (49) seriously injured in boating accident off Bouvard

A WOMAN was seriously injured after she became caught in ropes on a catamaran and thrown into the water off Bouvard yesterday.

Water Police were advised of the incident at 2.50pm yesterday .

A 49-year-old female was on the 11 metre catamaran sailing off Bouvard.

She became caught in ropes and thrown onto the back deck and then into the water.

The rope also fouled the vessels port propeller and made the sails unusable.

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The woman was pulled from the water and first aid administered on board.

She suffered a suspected serious head injury and broken ribs.

The vessel notified the Water Police Coordination Centre of the emergency situation.

The Peel Water Police vessel and the Lifesaver helicopter were dispatched and located the vessel.

Water police officers assisted to get the vessel inside the Dawesville Cut and alongside a jetty where the helicopter paramedic and St John Ambulance officers assisted the woman.

She was taken to Peel Health Campus for treatment.