Woman avoids jail after smashing windows

A MANDURAH woman was lucky not to have a suspended sentence triggered on September 1 in Mandurah Magistrates Court, after repeated altercations with police.

The 38-year-old woman, who cannot be named to protect her children, was put on a suspended sentence in relation to driving offences on May 8.

She pleaded guilty on September 1 to breaching bail, destruction of property, disorderly behaviour in public and obstructing police officers.

The court heard the 38-year-old accused was outside a Mandurah address abusing her victim when police were called.

The accused picked up bricks and stones and broke five windows on the house.

Police issued a move on order and she called them white expletives as she walked off.

Police were called to deal with the accused on three other occasions.

The court heard that the accused was at the address abusing the victim in response to an incident involving her daughter.

According to the Community Justice Services officer the woman�s daughter had been raped by a family member and had to have an abortion.

The officer said the accused was evicted from her Department of Housing property for disorderly behaviour.

The accused was charged with obstructing public officers when police arrived to evict the family from where they were squatting.

�They have a long history of displacement and the kids want to stay with mum,� the duty lawyer said.

Duty lawyer Clare Hay said it was essential the accused stayed out of prison.

She said her daughters would run away from foster care and would end up homeless without their mother.

Ms Hay told the court that the family had been selected to take part in a specialist program with DCP.

They would receive four hours intensive support every day from the department.

The family would have access to $1000 a fortnight on a basics card.

They will live in a home away from Mandurah and Pinjarra.

Magistrate Leanne Atkins said the woman�s history did not paint her in a positive light.

�You�ve realised now that you need to prove yourself to keep your children,� she said.

The Magistrate reprimanded the woman for the �shameful� language she used toward officers, �just doing their job�.

�When I first heard about the matter, I wanted to send you to prison,� Magistrate Atkins said.

�There has been a change in circumstances and you now have significant help and support.�

The magistrate did not activate the woman�s suspended sentence.

She fined her $1000 and placed her on an intensive supervision order, the suspended prison sentence will be lifted on May 7, 2016.