Woman banned from owning animals for 20 years

A WOMAN who pleaded guilty in Mandurah Magistrates Court today to neglecting her puppy was lucky to escape prison time.

RSPCA prosecutor Maureen O�Connell painted a picture of an animal that suffered prolonged neglect at the hands of his owners.

On April 19, 2014, the RSPCA received an animal cruelty complaint about a dog with severe mange.

RSPCA officers attended a caravan at the Dawesville Caravan Park and were invited inside by Saleisha Jayne Hayman and her then partner Shane Samson.

The caravan smelled of an offensive odour, and the floor was covered with clothing and faeces.

Under the bed, the officers found Buddy, a mixed breed eight-month-old puppy.

His hair had fallen out, he was covered with severe mange and he had conjunctivitis.

He kept shaking his head, he had yellow diarrhoea, and there were infected sores all over his body.

Buddy was seized by the officers and taken to a veterinarian.

He was found to be severely infected with mites.

The veterinarian told the RSPCA it would have taken several months for Buddy�s skin to reach this condition.

Despite being treated with antibiotics, eye drops, assorted creams and pain killers for eight days, it was decided it would be humane to put Buddy down.

Ms O�Connell told the court that Hayman had purchased shampoo and flea treatment on the day officers attended her home.

She said this implied Hayman did have the means to adequately care for Buddy.

Hayman sobbed as her lawyer Rhonda Flanigan asked for a lenient sentence.

Ms Flanigan said Hayman had lived a deprived life and had suffered abuse.

She said Hayman has a four-month-old baby and struggles to make decisions.

Ms O�Connell said cruelty is prevalent in society and asked for a term of imprisonment for Hayman.

She said there are organisations that can be contacted for advice via the internet or telephone if a person cannot care for their animals.

Magistrate Edwards said Buddy�s condition was �appalling� and �shocking.�

She said she was thinking of sentencing Hayman to a term of imprisonment for this �serious example of neglect of an animal.�

However, Magistrate Edwards said for the sake of parity she would have to give Hayman a similar sentence to what her partner Samson received for Buddy�s neglect.

Hayman is banned from contact with animals for 20 years. She was sentenced to a 12-month supervision order and 120 hours of community work.

She will have to pay Buddy�s vet fees of $2098.25 and $175.46 in court costs.