Woman uses thong to fend off dog during dog attack

A THONG was the weapon of choice for a woman trying to protect her dog from a dog attack.

A bridle dog called Marco will be going back to K9 Rescue after he escaped from home and attacked a Maltese cross called Salem.

The dog’s owner Rodolfo Anwar Moreno Duenas pleaded guilty to failing to register a dog with the Shire of Murray and having control of a dog that attacked an animal and caused injury.

Counsel for the Shire of Murray said Marco attacked Salem.

Salem was on a walk with his owner when Marco ran up to him from behind and began attacking him.

Salem’s owner yelled at Marco to go away, while Salem hid behind a bin.

Marco kept trying to attack Salem. Marco ran away when Salem’s owner began hitting him with her thong.

The lawyer for the defence said Moreno Duenas, an immigrant from Mexico, took in a border to help with bills.

His border left the doors open and allowed Marco to escape.

Moreno Duenas thought K9 Rescue were responsible for Marco’s registration.

He paid the registration and Salem’s veterinarian bills before appearing in court.

Moreno Duenas cannot afford to build a cage for Marco, so he will go back to K9 Rescue.

Both charges resulted in a global fine of $1200 with costs of $169.10. Moreno Duenas was granted a spent conviction.