Working at Alcoa a family affair for Hinds

Alcoa Pinjarra Refinery employees, Jennifer, Chris, and Kristie Hind.
Alcoa Pinjarra Refinery employees, Jennifer, Chris, and Kristie Hind.

ALCOA Pinjarra Alumina Refinery’s Chris Hind could not have imagined that after 12 years at the refinery he would now be working alongside his daughters.

A production group leader, Mr Hind accepted the job with Alcoa to forge a long-term career with the company and provide a good life for his family.

“I knew if I worked hard, we would have a good quality of life, but I didn’t realise the flow-on benefits that the job and Alcoa would provide my children,” Mr Hind said.

He encouraged his daughters Jen and Kristie to consider careers in the mining and resource sector.

Having worked at the refinery for ten months, Falcon resident Kristie Hind said she’s been on a steep learning curve.

“I was a teacher’s aide before I came to Alcoa,” she said.

“It was a very challenging job, but in different ways to that of a process operator which is both mentally and physically demanding.”

Jen Hind has been a process operator at the refinery for two years and said going to TAFE was the best way to get such a role.

“There’s only so much you can take from a job description,” she said.

“Learning about the different facets of the job is really eye-opening. It’s more complicated than people think.”

Mr Hind is proud of his daughters.

“It’s wonderful to see them thriving in this environment; it’s industrial, it’s male-dominated, and they’re helping change the mindset associated with women working in the industry,” he said.