No Sea Sense: Boat Hire

LAST Sunday we noticed a hired pontoon boat drifting aimlessly in the canal and thought the guy had run out of fuel or broken down.

No, it appeared he was on his mobile phone.

He had already hit the boat two doors from us and I could see he was heading towards our boat.

My husband and I rushed down to fend it off but not before he had smashed into our boat, then the mooring post next door.

He hadn’t a clue. They were a very nice Indian couple with a small child but should never have been allowed out without instruction.

My husband had to clamber on board to help him out of trouble as he had no idea what to do.

Then to keep him away from damaging our boat, he dropped off on next door’s floating jetty.

We all have to have Skipper’s Tickets but clueless individuals are allowed to take out boats and do damage, often speeding on the canals too.

Heaven help us when the Crab Fest gets under way with more idiots on the water.

Marianne Stevens,

Halls Head.