Assertion correct

ALTHOUGH I do not normally take much notice of Brian Sutton�s letters, this week I feel the need to comment.

He is correct in his assertion in his letter headlined �Spiritual need�, that if Australians mocked non-Christian religions we would be called racist.

Proof of this could be seen in the anti-Muslim protests where the opposing protesters were claiming the anti-Muslim protesters were racist.

Just as Christians are not a race, neither are Muslims nor any other religion.

Australia has a freedom of religion in our constitution and most of the religious people from other than Christian religions who come here are also tolerant of others� way of life/religion and are happy to embrace Australia.

Muslims who are Arabs and come here do not do this; are the most vocal about their rights and sensibilities being offended and push all to come to their way of thinking.

Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and all of the Arab countries are Muslim countries. Australia is a Christian country and because of this, we have a wonderful life.

To those who fall in behind people who use terms such as “the Catholic Mafia” and other such insults towards Christian denominations should look at the non-Christian countries and possibly consider moving to those countries.

We do not need people who undermine our lifestyle and support religions that have no tolerance to a free lifestyle or a freedom of religion.