Best choice

After taking up residency in Mandurah, I realised that employers would prefer to hire the temporary work skilled 457 visa holders, rather than the 475.

This is quite incredulous.

The 475 visa holders are equally competent and as capable as the 457 visa holders are. They are skilled workers and hold qualifications that meet the Australian standard, which includes passing the International English Language Testing System assessment.

Also, the 475 visa holders do not require sponsorship from employers and would have the opportunity to apply for permanent residency on their own accord after living for two years and working at least 12 months in regional Australia.

The 457 visa holders who live outside Australia require employers’ sponsorship before entering into the country to work and subsequently to take up permanent residency here.

In such circumstance, I urge employers to give the 475 visa holders a chance in terms of job opportunity before sponsoring workers from outside Australia.

They can save a huge chunk of money, effort and time by recruiting the 475 skilled workers who are now living in the region.