Blame the parents

The number of children crossing the road is not the issue, neither the people who have never received a speeding fine.

I drop my children at school and return to collect them. The issue is parents who are rushing to drop or collect their child and parents who make their child cross the road in between cars at pick-up time.

There is a crossing guard at my child’s school and he is greatly under-used. I have twice had to brake sharply and even at 40km/h there is barely enough time to avoid the small child who has been beckoned across the road by a lazy parent who doesn’t want to get out of their car.

Yet the crossing guard is just metres away. These parents scream loudest when a car hits their little one. It’s their own fault, but rather than admit it they would rather place blame.

The 40km/h limit is still too fast to avoid a child darting in between cars at the behest of a parent. Nevertheless, at that speed they have more of a chance in an accident than they would at a higher speed.

Some parents will not learn. They drive anywhere they like and park anyway they like in the school zones. I think some parents need to revisit their own pedestrian road safety classes.