Cage fighting decried

THE only thing necessary for evil/cruelty/barbarism to flourish is for good people to do nothing – and now is the time for all good people in WA Labor to speak up.

Fighting (where you deliberately set out to hurt another person) has no place in a civil society, and it is gobsmacking that WA Labor leader, Mark McGowan, cannot see that.

Having spoken out in support of “cage fighting”, former military man McGowan needs to make way for a truly progressive leader.

You simply cannot tell children that schoolyard fighting is unacceptable, or tell adults that domestic violence is unacceptable, while you choose to ignore this elephant in the room.

Raping, pillaging, people fighting, dog fighting, cock fighting, bear baiting and pugilism are relics of a bygone era of savages.

If you want to get rid of your aggression, then go and hit a squash ball, not another person or an animal; or take yourself off to anger management classes.