Cats need to be contained

TELL me why there are no laws to keep cats on their own property.

I love cats, don’t get me wrong but I choose not to have a cat because I can’t provide a cat run to keep it safe and happy as well as keeping it from harming wildlife and people.

What, you say?

Harm people?

Yes, that’s what I said.

Recently, my friend almost lost his arm pulling weeds in his garden after getting cat poo into a cut on his hand.

The doctor told him cat poo in the blood flow is as venomous as a snake bite.

I have another friend who had a tom cat enter the house and piddle over the furniture.

My own experience is one of heartbreak.

After encouraging small honey eater birds to my garden by plant selection and water provision, a pair successfully nested in my garden three years in a row until last week when one of them was reduced to just feathers on the lawn.

Cats don’t soil their own property, they soil the neighbours, why should the neighbour put up with that?

People think they can put a bell on its collar, uh uh.

Cats cleverly get around that in five seconds flat.

So how are you supposed to manage cats without a cat run.

Dogs are not allowed outside your property on a lead, so we fence them in.

Cats are devastating our wildlife so don’t you think they should be contained?

Name and address withheld.