Caution enough

BIANCA and her grandmother seem to have had a personality clash with the club secretary of the Rocky Country Music Club (Coastal Times, July 23).

From the newspaper report, it seemed the only things they had done wrong was one person wore slippers one day and the other person wore thongs and was late in delivering photos for the club newsletter.

Both individually and put together these things do not add up to any kind of reason to revoke a membership of any club.

A caution could have been given if necessary.

The extreme measure of revoking their memberships and banning them from club events and venues – even though they are now allowed back to one venue – will have only caused friction and unpleasantness to now overshadow their and others’ enjoyment of the club.

As the country music scene is a big part of Bianca’s social life, these actions could and probably would have caused extreme damage to her emotional state.