Charter jet hypocrisy

Perhaps he could ask his WA parliamentary colleagues who on a Sunday earlier this month flew from Perth to Canberra in a charter jet whether that was an entitlement or to what degree was it heavy lifting or sharing the pain?

My question to those MPs who were on that flight is what cost benefit was it to the taxpayer to travel that way?

Don’t insult me by saying that they arrive less tired and more able to work for the taxpayer; Business Class or First Class on a domestic flight isn’t that tough.

The words hypocrisy and hypocrites are one way to describe what I saw on the television news. Could this be a case from George Orwell’s Animal Farm where everyone is equal but some are more equal than others.

Perhaps Canning MHR Don Randall, as my elected representative, could answer my question on behalf of Mr Hockey’s colleagues. And please explain to them I am not some whingeing socialist but a 66-year-old conservative voter who has never voted other than conservative but, along with many others, are wondering if we are being taken for fools by those we elect to govern.

COLIN ELTON, South Yunderup